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About Labradoodles

About LabradoodlesDon’t know about you, but after exploring Labradoodle sites on the Internet, we became rather confused. There was a lot of information that was contradictory and pretty short of scientific evidence. On this page we are trying to clarify that information and make a clear distinction between fact and opinion.


Everyone appears to agree on this! The Labradoodle was first bred in Australia as a Guide Dog for people with allergies in the 1970s. Wally Cochran is the person credited with their initial development during the 1980s. Television coverage of this new breed of dog instigated a large response from the general public and several dog breeders started breeding the Labradoodle commercially. You don’t have to have allergies to appreciate little to no dog hair being deposited around your home and the Labradoodle was quickly gaining popularity as a family pet.

The Labradoodle is now being bred all over the world, with varying degrees of integrity. Hence the confusion of information!