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Labradoodle TemperamentHere we come to what, for us, is one of the happiest results from this cross breeding. The Labradoodle temperament is, without doubt, as good as it gets in the dog world and is a particularly strong feature of first generation puppies.

Variously described as confident, clever, loving and loveable, vivacious, loyal, affectionate, joyful, sociable, friendly, comical, intuitive, totally non-aggressive and devoted they clearly have everything going for them!

They are excellent with children, love water (both Labradors and Poodles are descended from hunting dogs bred to work in water – the Labrador from the St. John’s Newfoundland and the Poodle from the pan-European Water Spaniel) and are natural swimmers.

I read a particularly good description on one of the Labradoodle web sites about how they ‘melt into mellowness when touched by human hand’. This is exactly what they do and is a phenomenon that you have to experience first-hand to really appreciate.

As puppies they are adaptable, remarkably unstressed and just seem to take new things in their stride.

They do not like being left on their own for any length of time, however, feel rejection keenly and crave contact with their ‘family’. They can easily become bored and must have sustained, structured training in their early life, to which they will respond with an eagerness to please and a high level of intelligence and ‘trainability’.

All in all – a superb addition to a family that has the time and inclination to include this new member in everything they do.