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Labradoodle Stud Dog

Blue Moon – Our Fabulous Labradoodle Stud Dog

When Blue Moon joined our breeding programme as a puppy back in 2014 we knew that he had all of the right credentials to become a first class stud dog. Our first ‘golden rule’ in breeding is that no dogs should be mated who are in any way related. After careful scrutiny of his pedigree we saw that all the dogs on his father’s side were Europeans and so he would make an excellent out cross for our girls and expand our gene pool brilliantly. Further inspection of his pedigree revealed the quality of his breeding. In just 5 generations we found 3 Hungarian Champions (including his father), 1 Czech and 2 German Champions. On his mother’s side, we found no less than 3 British Field Trial Champions.

Well, we’re pleased to say that Blue Moon has more than lived up to expectations. He has matured into an adult dog full of presence with excellent conformation. His BVA Hip Score of 3/4, BVA Elbow Score of 0/0, and Clear Eye Tests are a testament to all those Champions. His coat has grown into a beautifully soft, non-shedding, full fleece of a stunning chestnut red. His coat has held its colour perfectly and has increased the range of colours in our puppies from white through all the creams and caramels to gold and vibrant red. He has proven to be exceptionally fertile and produced some very special puppies. His progeny have maintained such consistently high quality that he has earned an international reputation and we have welcomed his girlfriends from many parts of Europe!

He has been especially successful in producing puppies that have shown such good levels of trainability that they have become outstanding Assistance and Therapy dogs. This is particularly true in Sweden where they have very well-established Therapy Dog Schemes of exceedingly high standards and where Blue Moon’s puppies are highly sought after. 

A collection of puppies and adolescents that Blue Moon has sired