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Meet Our Labradoodles


Pluto was born on the 21 November 2004. With his silky, non-shedding fleece coat, stunning good looks and presence, we knew from the start that he was very special.

What has delighted us is the development of his truly classic Labradoodle temperament. He embodies just about everything written about Labradoodles – fun, lively, extremely friendly and gentle, eager to please, easy to train with the legendary calmness typical of the Labradoodle – just an absolute joy to have around.

Pluto’s wonderful BVA hip score of 4 was a great added bonus. This, along with recent scores of two of our youngsters at 1 and the ultimate 0 is a very real endorsement of the success of our breeding programme.

  • His most recent eye test under the BVA/Kennel Club scheme was clear.
  • Pluto is now standing at stud to approved bitches.

Pluto’s frozen semen is now available for artificial insemination worldwide. The semen is routinely examined for quality and viability at the point  of collection – a clinic specialising in the collection, evaluation, storage, and shipping of canine semen.